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Micro-RNA (miRNA): A Biomarker to Identify Novel Compounds in Drug Discovery and Delivery for Cancer Therapy


Gokul Paramasivam*   Pages 1 - 4 ( 4 )


Micro-RNAs (miRNA) are short non-coding sequences involved in the biological regulatory process. The miRNA shows a unique expression in diseases resulting in the pathogenesis. Identifying the novel compounds are interesting during this process. The miRNA is a biomarker that helps to find the early stage of cancer disease through pathogenesis. Azobenzene and pyrazole are the novel compounds having a cytotoxic effect on cancer cells. These novel compounds are molecular probe used in breast cancer therapy. The viral-based systems have few limitations such as toxicity and immunogenicity. So, the non-viral based lipoplex and polyplex systems are attractive due to no size limitations for the transfection of micro RNAs. The conventional drug delivery systems are having a large size and low drug efficacy at the target site. The nanoparticles prepared by nanoprecipitation methods are attractive in cancer therapy. Thus, the miRNA acts as a powerful tool and is used to identify the drug target in cancer therapy.


micro RNA, drug target, bio-marker, drug discovery, drug delivery, small molecules, cancer therapy.


Saveetha school of engineering, Department of biomedical engineering, Saveetha Institute of Medical & Technical Sciences (SIMATS), Saveetha Nagar, Thandalam, Chennai - 602 105, TamilNadu

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